How to get Kyrenia

 Getting to North Cyprus

Arrival to North Cyprus via planes is through the Ercan International Airport, which is approximately a 20 minute drive from Nicosia town centre. When renovation and extension projects were taking place at Ercan Airport during 2004, the military airport situated in the village of Geçitkale was used temporarily. It is also possible to have a North Cyprus holiday by entering through Larnaka Airport on the south side of the island. If flying is not your thing then we recommended visiting North Cyprus with a ferry.

How to get to Kyrenia from Ercan airport
As soon as you land in sunny Northern Cyprus, we can gurantee that you will soon forget all the gloomy weather and hectic lifestyle stresses at home, as the cloudless skies and friendly locals welcome you in to Cyprus! Make sure you are comfortable with all your hire cars buttons and fixtures once you have exited the airport and picked up the hire car keys. Now you are all set to go!
Driving in Northern Cyprus
Driving in North Cyprus is bound to be a very comfortable experience for you, especially if you are from the United Kingdom, as left hand side driving also applies here. It is almost impossible to get lost as the maps, which are available from your hire company, are easy to read and all road signs are in English and Turkish. If you do get lost, don’t fret, as the Cypriots are more than happy to help you find your way!
The Best Route to Follow from Ercan International Airport to Kyrenia
Of course, you may follow the route which is shown on the map, but why not go along with our route, which will be easier and quicker for you. Enjoy your journey! 

  1. Leave Ercan airport through the main front exit.
  2. When you come across the first roundabout, continue straight ahead.
  3. There is petrol station on your right hand side. ( Use to your advantage for when you return your hire car!)
  4. Just after the petrol station there is a roundabout. Turn into the left exit towards Kyrenia. (also written as Girne, which is how Cypriots address it.)
  5. Continue straight along this road for 15 minutes.
  6. Pass the Opel showroom on your left hand side and a Hyundai showroom on your right.
    Continue straight past the football stadium which is on your right.
  7. At the next  large roundabout, take the right hand exit towards the north, facing the Kyrenia mountains.
  8. Continue along this road which will take you through various picnic areas with green forests and through safe mountain roads for approximately 15-20 minutes until you arrive in the heart of Kyrenia.
  9. The road will eventually take you right into the old city and traditional looking harbour area. Even if your accomodation isn’t in the center of Kyrenia, it is easy to find your way by taking guidance from your map.