Paragliding in North Cyprus

What better way to see North Cyprus’s natural beauty by viewing it from thousands of feet above the ground spread out below you as a whole? With the cool gentle breeze sweeping through your hair as friendly instructor guides you along to the landing point neighbouring the sandy beach, this is one experience that is hard to forget.
Tandem paragliding flights in North Cyprus

If you have ever wished of soaring through the skies, feeling as free as a bird, then now is your chance. Highline Air Tours will arrange your tandem paragliding flights. Don’t worry if you have never done this before as your fully qualified professional pilot will calm down your nerves and be with you every step of the way, including giving you instructions on how land and take off. All flights are fully insured and included in the price You can even choose what sort of flight you would like to have; if you would prefer a more gentle and scenic ride then your instructor will take you along a trip above the breath taking mountain tops and introduce you to all the important Kyrenia locations from 2500 feet above ground. If you are more of a thrill seeker then your instructor will introduce you to the sport side of this activity were you will experience the more exciting side of paragliding. Just don’t forget to smile for the camera!
Solo pilot paragliding in North Cyprus

If you are planning on embarking on a solo pilot paragliding trip then it is advisable that you team up with a professional company, who will then hand in their information to the authorities. It’s best that you team up with a local guide when you fly as there is the danger that you may accidentally fly into a military zone. Rental paragliding gear can be attained from Highline Air Tours and it is possible to have up to four separate flights a day if the weather conditions are suitable.
Paragliding courses

The sunsoar paragliding company in the UK have a Post CP thermalling course created to show you how to ride the thermals like the experts. The package deal consists of a two day holiday in North Cyprus including accommodation with the chance of flying up to 9 times if weather conditions allow. The take of zone is on a mountain top around the St Hilarion area, and the landing zone is just a mere 10 minutes away from your accommodation, which leaves you with enough time to squeeze some sightseeing in between those flights!.
North Cyprus paragliding: how and where

Your paragliding company will usually collect you any close-by area within Kyrenia and drive you up along a mountain road to the take off spot with your paragliding instructor to the region near the St Hilarion Castle. Once you have safely landed at the landing strip nearby the sea, your companys instructors will you drop you off at Kyrenia.

Highline Air Tours offer you three different flying site options: “Paradise” which offers views of the Kyrenia coast at 2500 feet high, “Baba” which reaches heights of 2530 feet over the village of Ilgaz, and finally one flying over the Karpaz Peninsula, where take-off occurs over a 100metre high sand dune!
Paragliding in Northern Cyprus with the birds!

Generally, the flights will last about 30 minutes according the thermals. If they are of bad quality, they may last as short as five minutes. However long they last, it will certainly be worth it once you have seen the picturesque views from thousands of feet above the ground.